Russian Surveys

Communicating with your audience is essential for any business! Collect vital feedback with online surveys in the language of your choice!

  • Make online questionnaires accessible to Russian audiences
  • Create easy-to-use mobile responsive surveys in the language of your choice
  • Collect and analyse data to make informed decisions

Gain more accurate feedback by surveying your target audience in their own native language.

SmartSurvey’s Multilanguage Support feature lets you gather responses from any nationality. You can create Russian surveys and ask the questions you need the answers for. You can make surveys in your chosen language. Simply design your survey then create your own translation in Russian and edit any of the following sections;

  • The Survey – translate the survey title, page titles and questions into Russian.
  • Messages and Buttons – translate the survey buttons and survey messages.
  • Features – translate the login pages, email messages, response and timer messages.
  • Question Types – customise the content of pre-formatted questions.

For multilingual support and to find out how to create a survey in Russian, access the SmartSurvey Knowledge Base.

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