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Offline Surveys

Engage with customers and collect survey data without internet access. Reach your customers anywhere, at anytime with SmartSurvey.

  • Capture relevant, accurate data in the field, at the point of experience
  • Load your survey to a smartphone or tablet and take it to any location
  • Download responses automatically when a connection is re-established

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Benefits of Offline Surveys

Data collection via offline surveys can be advantageous! Anytime you are unable to access an internet connection, you can use our expert templates to collect questionnaire responses. SmartSurvey's offline service will store all responses on your mobile device. Once you're connected to the internet again, simply download your information.

Enhanced Responses

Get immediate reaction with offline surveys that will give you the information you need to make smarter decisions. With the event fresh in participant’s minds, users will have better recollection of the experience or product preferences and provide more accurate feedback.

Event Surveys

From start to finish you can use offline surveys to make insightful improvements to your events. Collect pre event data from participants to understand their preferences, request feedback at the time of experience to make real time adjustments and send post event surveys to gauge customer satisfaction.

Consumer Surveys

Take your offline surveys out on the street, or to respondents in remote locations. Reach more people to help you understand users preferences, perceptions, and behaviour, or to measure the public’s opinion.

Kiosk Surveys

Conduct easy to use offline surveys at trade shows, or at the point of experience, in order to collect audience feedback. Engage with users and record their opinions whilst it is at the forefront of their mind, with no internet connection required.

Planning an Offline Survey

One valuable feature about building your survey to be used on mobile devices, is the ability to take it offline. By uploading the questionnaire to a smartphone or tablet, you can take your survey into the field where internet connection may be limited or non-existent.

Before you get started building an offline survey, read our helpful guidelines:

  • Read the compatibility information, or contact a SmartSurvey account manager, to make sure features available for mobile devices are also available for offline surveys
  • Practice taking the questionnaire in offline mode and downloading your responses afterwards
  • Finally, don’t forget to test your links in advance

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What our customers say?

"We use the smartsurvey tool in all parts of the business, ranging from gathering attendance details for events, asking for evaluation on courses, as well as requesting feedback on new company initiatives. We would be lost without it."

Clare Bowers, Communications & Engagement Manager - HMV

"Dogs Trust has found Smart Survey invaluable for finding out the opinions of or supporters in an easy format. The survey was simple to set up but it looked very professional to our supporters. We can only thank SmartSurvey for all their help."

Charlotte Blunden, DogsTrust

"SmartSurvey is great. Our team use it on a regular basis to poll employees and to get rsvps to events we hold. It is extremely easy to use and a great tool for simplifying my job."

Julie, Oracle