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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Do you know how happy your patients are? We can help you find out.

How to use patient satisfaction surveys

Patient satisfaction surveys are gaining in importance and should be at the heart of any healthcare facility. It's valuable to get a holistic view of what patients really think about the care and treatment they receive. These simple insights will lead to smart decisions on how to improve healthcare, patient happiness and the job satisfaction of your doctors and nurses.

What makes your patients happy? Could appointment waiting times be improved? Is the waiting room comfortable? How likely are your patients to recommend your service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment? A short survey taken in private (or anonymously) can quickly reveal a wealth of information on every area of your patients' experience. Your questions could also determine your patient's opinion on the following topics:

  • Quality of treatment received
  • Hospital, practice and GP surgery facilities
  • Appointment booking, procedures and waiting times
  • Interactions with staff
  • Level of communication between patients and providers
  • Health and safety
  • Level of support for outpatients
  • Accessibility of facilities

Patient satisfaction surveys are a very effective way of enabling the patient-provider collaboration needed to ensure quality healthcare. Identify, address and improve every aspect of the healthcare you provide.

Creating patient satisfaction surveys

Creating and distributing patient satisfaction surveys should be cost effective, quick and efficient. Neither the conducting or taking of the survey should be a hassle. Creating online surveys (instead of using paper, a spreadsheet or text document) means you can design and publish them instantaneously, get results in real-time, and collect and analyse results in one place. Most importantly, there's no manual data input to contend with.

Start by using a template we've already built for you or design your own custom survey. Our online survey software is very user friendly, however, if you need some help we'd happily host an Online Demo for you. All your need to do next is add your patient contact details, send the survey, and watch as the responses come in. We also provide powerful analysis and graph creation tools, so you can get the most out of results.

Are you part of the NHS? If so, you'll be eligible for a not-for-profit discount. Find out more by clicking here.

The extra benefits of online patient surveys

There's also a lot more a well designed online survey could reveal about your patients. Here are just a few ideas:

Get to know your patients

How well do you know your patients? The better you know your local community of patients, the more focussed your care can be. Use short online questionnaires to discover more about their lifestyle, from diet and exercise to personal hygiene and smoking habits.

Patient feedback

When you survey your patients be sure to add in a free text comment box so your respondents can leave their thoughts and opinions. You may find their additional suggestions and ideas inspire some brilliant changes and improvements to the healthcare you provide.

Conveniences is key

When conducting a survey you should tailor it as much as possible to the respondent, plus ensure it can be answered at their convenience. This will greatly improve your response rates. An online survey can be completed in the comfort of your patients' home, on their mobile phone or even on a tablet in the surgery waiting room. Plus, survey logic means you can create intelligent surveys that customise themselves to the respondent.

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