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Add the Net Promoter Score® question to your customer questionnaire in minutes with a fully customisable survey template.

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When you want to gauge the loyalty and satisfaction of your customer base, the Net Promoter Score® question is an established and recommended approach to calculating the likelihood that your company, product or service will be recommended to others.

Measuring and tracking this important metric helps you to illuminate problems or successes in satisfying – and better, delighting – customers (and even employees).

NPS is measured easily through the additional of a question within an existing survey, or by asking this alone. You then apply the NPS calculation to quantify the number of promoters, detractors and neutral clients (you can read more about the advantages of using Net Promoter Score here).

To get started using NPS surveys why not deploy one of our questionnaire templates, which now have the NPS question available to build in. You can also amend any template to suit your research requirements.

Below we’ve listed templates for four of our most popular customer surveys to give you a flavour of what our survey software can do for you and your business. Click any one to open the template, or see our complete list of survey templates if you need something different.

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