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Why would I use web forms?

Web forms, or online forms, resemble paper forms in appearance and function because respondents enter data using checkboxes, buttons and text fields. However, web forms are a lot more efficient and easier to organise than their paper counterparts. SmartSurvey is committed to simplifying data collection and organisation by helping you digitalise the whole process. We’ll enable you to bypass the inefficiencies of paper transactions with our smart online solutions.

Why are web forms useful for me?

In every business or organisation there are multiple uses for web forms. Think of any process in which a form needs to be filled out and that process can be digitalised with an online form. For example, your HR department or recruiters can accept job applications, sales teams can easily keep track of leads, marketing teams can collect testimonials from happy clients, hairdressers can record contact details…the possibilities are endless and in every instance time will be saved and the process made more efficient.

With our user-friendly and customisable web forms taking your business online couldn’t be easier. Again, there are multiple applications for web forms, for example, embed an online order form into your website, build up your mailing list directly from your website, or apply ‘contact us’ forms to your mobile site or blog.

Anyone organising events and occasions will find web forms incredibly valuable. Conference hosts can register their delegates and collect their contact information digitally. Party invitations can be made and sent via email or SMS. Or perhaps you need to coordinate lots of guests and their accommodation…web forms can help with all of this.

Where you can use web forms is as flexible as how you use them. Share your form by embedding it into your website, within a blog post or Facebook page application, or send it via SMS and email. Use the best distribution method for you and your respondents.

The data you collect is organised in one online place, using SmartSurvey. With our online software you can analyse your data, represent it in graphs, or export it for further analysis.

If you need to capture more substantial data or feedback, a web based survey might be appropriate. All of the same convenient and user-friendly features apply, and more besides.

Examples of web forms

Here are a few types of web forms you can create on SmartSurvey:

  • Registration and sign up forms – Whether you’re registering delegates at an event or signing in students to a training day the creation of an online form will speed up this process. Plus, they’ll be no paper work and all details will be automatically saved and organised.
  • Reservations – Digitalise how people reserve a table at your restaurant, a place at a conference or a room at your hotel. You’ll make the booking process straight forward for your respondent and their details will be secured for future use.
  • Contact forms – Ask for comments and feedback through your website with a web form and encourage people to get in touch. People generally feel more comfortable typing a digital response than picking up the phone.
  • Applications – Are you looking for new applicants? Whether it be for a job, part-time work, a training course or sports team create your customised application form online and share with the world.
  • Quote and pricing requests – The digital marketplace allows for consumers to shop around and compare prices easily. Stay competitive by accepting quote requests via your website with online forms created in SmartSurvey.

Web form templates

Feel free to use or customise one of our ready-made online form templates:

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