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Event Surveys

Online surveys can help you plan, organise and host successful events.

Surveys for event organisers

Anyone who organises events, whether it's intimate dinner parties or global conferences, knows a lot of effort and time goes into making it a success. We know you want to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and finds the occasion a valuable experience. With insightful online surveys we can help you remove some of the guesswork from your event planning. Customised online surveys are quick to create with our user-friendly software and even quicker to send to your guests. Get insights into your event planning by asking what your guests think - before, after and during the gathering - and organise the best events possible.

How can online surveys improve my event?

When planning your event you'll always have your guests in mind and what better to way to ensure their enjoyment than to ask them about their preferences. By distributing online surveys to your potential attendees you can ask them which venue they'd prefer, if there's any dietary requirements, what's their date preference, what music everyone loves or if they'd prefer a formal or informal dress code. You can ask these planning questions and iron out important details before any sort of gathering, from the annual family BBQ to your company's national sales conference.

One of the most powerful tools an event planner can utilise is the feedback survey. They're the best way to gather suggestions and understand exactly what your attendees thought of the event. They can include logistical questions about the availability of parking, bathroom facilities and if the venue was easy to find; questions about the quality of the speaker and if the event met expectations; as well as questions about ticket price and if respondents would attend again. You could even send out a quick mobile survey during the event to check everyone can see the presentations or if they need more refreshments.

Online surveys are also a very useful organisation and scheduling tool, especially when you are trying to co-ordinate a large group of people with busy diaries. By using an online scheduling survey you can remove the hassle of chasing people and trying to juggle date, time, venue and agenda requests within a long email thread. Create your survey on SmartSurvey and send out the link, then everyone can quickly fill in their availability and meeting requirements … all in one place. The organisation of that meeting, party or team catch-up just became a lot easier!

Examples of event surveys

Here are a few types of event surveys and how they can be used by planners and organisers:

Corporate event planning

Online surveys are a professional and efficient method of planning corporate events and managing different opinions. They enable you to gather dietary requirements, preferences on speakers and what questions need to be addressed.

Event satisfaction and feedback

After your conference, convention, seminar or staff party send an online survey to attendees to find out how successful it was. Ask questions about every aspect of the event from the food to speakers, assess the feedback and gather insights for your next successful event.

Party and entertainment event planning

Wanting to plan a party that will go down in history? Organise the school's cake sale? Or gather your friends together for a poker night? But not sure where to host it or cant' decide between two themes? Just ask the invitees!

RSVPS and attendee information

Both over or under catering can be disastrous for an event. Remove the guesswork by sending potential attendees a quick online RSVP survey. Collect everyone's names, contact numbers, +1 details and any other information you need to plan your event accurately.

Networking, meet-ups and social gatherings

Whatever the reason for meeting up, ensure the gathering goes off without a hitch by asking potential attendees to complete a quick online survey. What day can they attend? What refreshments do they prefer? Who would they like to be invited?

Meeting planning and scheduling

With a SmartSurvey online survey or poll you can efficiently and professionally plan any meeting. Poll possible times, decide on a venue that suits everyone, assess which issues need to be raised and gather the lunch orders.

Event survey templates

Feel free to use or customise one of our ready-made online survey templates:

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