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Reporting & Results Analysis

We understand that smart surveys are designed to collect smart data, which helps you make smart decisions. View results in real-time so you can act quickly, create graphs for reporting, export data for further analysis and share your results with anyone.

  • Real-Time Survey Responses

    Watch survey responses being collected in real-time. Immediately use and act on the respondent data, testimonials, market data and satisfaction feedback you collect. Don't wait to make those decisions and changes.

  • Export Your Data

    Turn your results into custom graphs and charts within SmartSurvey for handy results summaries. Also, easily export the exact survey data you need to CSV (Excel) for further analysis.

  • Share Results Easily

    Download and print responses and reports in one click, or give others access by sending them a password-protected link so that they can view the results for themselves. Sharing's caring.



Reviewing Results and Responses FREE PRO
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View Results in Real-Time

View the results of your surveys as they come in

View Results Summary

View an overall results summary of all responses received

Print-friendly Results

View a print-friendly version of the results summary

View Individual Responses

View individual survey responses

Print-friendly Responses

View a print-friendly version of all text responses

Edit Responses

Edit completed responses you received

Delete Responses

Delete completed responses you received

Filtering Tool

Filter your responses by specific options, e.g. show only female respondents

Search Data

Search for specific keywords in open ended responses

Survey Results Sharing

Share your survey results with colleagues or friends using a link. You can password protect the page and set certain permissions to control what they can and can't see.

Text Analysis

Quantify text responses and generate charts

Export Data FREE PRO
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Export Responses Data to CSV

Export the raw data of your results into CSV (Excel) to further interrogate the data set manually

Export Individual Responses to MS Word

Download an individual response report to an MS Word document.

Export Individual Responses in Bulk

Quickly download all responses as they appear on the Individual responses tab into one PDF (.pdf) or Word (.doc) file.

Export Summary Data to Excel

Export summary data in XLSX with charts included.

Export Summary Report to MS Word

Download results summary to a Word document

Export Cross Tab Report

View and compare relationships between certain questions. This feature will generate a cross tab report with charts for all questions in your survey. This is exported in an Excel (.xlsx) format.

Export Scheduler

Set up a schedule for an export to run daily, weekly, monthly or just one-off basis. This can then be sent to any email address of your choice.

Reporting FREE PRO
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Key Analysis

View statistical information such as: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Satisfaction rates to certain questions

Create Charts

View your results using custom charts, including: Bar, Line, Pie, etc

Chart Formatting

Edit values and labels

Cross Tabulation

Compare answers to two sets of questions against each other

Export Graphs

Download custom charts/graphs into image formats

Filtering Reports

View results using custom filters you create using the filtering tool

Filtering FREE PRO
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By Question and Answer

Filter your results by any question/answer within your survey

By Date Completed

Filter your results by the response completed date

By Contact List Data

Filter your results using the meta data in your contact list used to distribute your survey

By Text Analysis categories

Filter your results by text analysis categories

By Custom Variables

Filter your results by custom variable values passed through the survey link

By Survey Translation / Languages

Take a look at the results of your survey for each translation/language seperated into different reports

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