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  • Compatible with just about any mobile browser, adapting across a range of screen sizes

Benefits of mobile surveys

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we do business forever, reinventing the way we can reach and engage with customers. Here are some of the benefits of reaching respondents on the go by using mobile friendly surveys for your business:

Collect feedback at the point of experience

By collecting instant feedback, you have the added bonus that the user will not have started doing anything else, so the survey is less intrusive and the response rate will be greater.

Easy for respondents to complete

It couldn’t be easier! Clicking on a link opens a mobile survey perfectly formatted for any smartphone, tablet and browser. Our features allow question layouts to adapt to suit screen size, ensuring low drop-out rates and making it easy to answer questions and navigate to the survey end.

Get immediate results

Mobile friendly surveys give your business immediate results, allowing you to connect and engage with your audience. Responsive surveys are delivered directly to mobile devices and can be completed at a time and place that is convenient for the respondent.

Brand awareness

Your brand sets you apart from the competition. A mobile friendly survey is an opportunity to imprint your brand in the user’s mind and remind them of the benefits you provide. Add a professional finishing touch by tailoring everything in your survey. Bring your brand to life by customising the background, layout, images, logo, fonts, final re-direct page and even the URL of your surveys or web forms.


A mobile responsive survey brings you closer to your users. Just one click lets an interested participant interact with you, providing data that allows you to keep business information accurate and effective.

Popular applications for mobile surveys

Mobile friendly surveys can be used for a variety of research applications, including:

  • Academic research – Add weight to your research and analysis with results collected from survey data.
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback – Retain and delight customers by acting on insight gathered from customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Employee and HR – Create a happy work environment by monitoring employee feedback.
  • Healthcare – Receive feedback on patient treatment and care to improve healthcare services.
  • Education and schools – Gather feedback to make everyone’s educational journey as fulfilling as possible.
  • Market research and marketing – Collect data via market research surveys that helps you make smart decisions.
  • Web forms – Simplify data collection and organisation with a fully digitalised process.
  • Events and occasions – Remove some of the guesswork from your event planning with insightful online mobile friendly surveys.

Ready to go mobile?

Our mobile friendly survey themes use responsive design and can be opened and completed on any mobile device. Send out your questionnaire links and never worry about it being opened on a smartphone or tablet.

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