Dental Care Surveys

Dental care surveys can be used for assessing the quality of services provided by dentists and help create effective marketing strategies. Measure the state of oral health and attitudes towards oral hygiene from the view of both the public and dentists. You can also use dental care surveys to gather feedback on people’s satisfaction with the dental care they receive in order to maintain dental services.

As a web based service, you will not need to download any software to your computer. In three simple steps you can create your survey, distribute it and collect your data completely online.

  1. Create – build surveys using the self explanatory wizard interface.
  2. Launch – distribute your survey by email or using the built in mail list feature for bulk distribution.
  3. Analyse – view automatically generated results in a form of charts, percentages and raw data.

SmartSurvey offers the complete survey software solution so that you can create dental care surveys, distribute them with ease and collect reliable data in real time. Sign up today!

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