Dealing with a new working dynamic

COVID-19 has brought a new working dynamic to organisations all over the world, and we're all having to adjust and react to a rapidly evolving situation. We've put together the below templates to help you to better connect with your team members, understand how they're feeling and how you can support them and cope with the challenges they face.

Our survey templates can be used as-is or edited in line with your organisation's requirements. Use them to take the pulse of your employees and find out about the things concerning them and what changes you need to make to keep everyone happy and safe.

We're also seeing more businesses using SmartSurvey to support the test and trace initiative. As we offer a GDPR compliant and secure way of collecting this personal data, you and your patrons will have peace of mind about their data being treated appropriately.

The below templates are available now to all free and paid accounts. To use them either sign up for free an or login to your existing account, click create a new survey, choose 'use a template' and you will find all the Covid-19 templates at the top of the menu for you to use straight away.

HR and Management Coronavirus survey

Survey for HR and Management

How are your employees doing during the current Coronavirus crisis? This survey template is designed to give you a quick overview of how they're currently feeling and the challenges they're facing with changed working arrangements.

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Remote working survey

Remote working presents workforces with unique challenges that can be different for every individual. This survey will ask your employees how they're doing, if they need support, and gives the opportunity to find out about the specific challenges they are facing in a remote working situation.

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Remote working survey
Return to work survey

Return to work questionnaire

With business now thinking about moving back to a more traditional working model, this survey is intended for those planning a return to offices or any other work environment, even in a limited way, to be able to find out the anxieties and concerns of their employees and the specific changes to the workplace that may need to be implemented.

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Test and trace form

Safely opening a hospitality business needs quick and easy collection of contact tracing data. Our template makes it easy and simple to collect this data securely, and when combined with our feature to make any survey link into a QR Code, it's easy for your guests and visitors to find and complete the survey from your premises using a smartphone.

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Test and trace form

Even more ways to get feedback

Looking for more opportunities to connect with your workforce? Check out what our HR surveys can measure.


Use advanced logic, survey scoring, cv uploads and piping to quickly identify exceptional candidates and match them to roles and organisations.

Recruitment Surveys >


For most employees, the first few weeks and months are crucial to how well they settle in, engage and become successful long-term members of staff.

Onboarding Surveys >


Training surveys let you keep track of course quality and satisfaction levels. Use our FREE templates to create, collect and analyse real-time data.

Training Surveys >

Salary & Benefits

or many employees the benefits they receive are as important as their salary; measure how satisfied your own staff are with a benefits survey program.

Employee Benefit Surveys >

Employee Pulse

Employee pulse surveys make it easy to gather regular feedback, quickly, helping you identify and positively respond to developing trends or workplace issues.

Pulse Surveys >

Job Satisfaction

What motivates your workforce? What affects the mood in the workplace? Use job satisfaction surveys to better understand and support your employees.

Job Satisfaction Surveys >

Staff Motivation

Better understand your business from the perspective of your employees and find out the views and opinions they hold toward the company and their role.

Employee Motivation Surveys >

360 Feedback

360-degree surveys are a powerful tool but can be complex and time-consuming to deliver. Save time and stress with our managed 360 survey service.

360 Feedback Surveys >

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a measure of the emotional commitment your workforce have toward their work, the business and shared company goals.

Employee Engagement Surveys >

Employee NPS®

Discover how Employee Net Promoter Score helps you measure employees' happiness and their willingness to recommend your company as a great place to work.

Employee Net Promoter Score >

Exit Interviews

Gain the insights you need to reduce employee churn and foster better working environments by running surveys alongside employee exit interviews.

Exit Interview Surveys >

Everything Else

If you have a HR survey requirement that isn't covered here, why not speak to our friendly team; we're confident our survey software can work for you.

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