Effective from 28th December 2019

  1. Limited, data is stored in UK.
  2. Iomart Group2.1 Redstation Limited, data hosted in UK.2.2 Iomart Group plc, data hosted in UK.
  3. Mailjet SAS -used for some transactional and notification emails, data hosted in Germany, Belgium and USA. A list of their subprocessors can be found here: (pdf download)
  4. Amazon Web Services EMEA Sarl, used if files are being uploaded or downloaded to a SmartSurvey customer’s account – data hosted in UK and Ireland.
    *Note: If your account was created from the 26th September 2019 onwards, only UK-based AWS servers will be used to host the data.
    A list of AWS EMEA Sarl’s sub-processors can be found here:
  5. Cloudflare, Inc. servers are global and use Cloudflare’s Anycast network for data in transit. For detailed information on its server network, please visit: and Cloudflare’s subprocessors can be found here:

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