Effective from 28th December 2019

  1. Limited – data is stored in UK.
  2. Iomart Group 2.1 Redstation Limited, data hosted in UK.2.2 Iomart Group plc, data hosted in UK.
  3. Mailjet SAS – used for some transactional and notification emails, data hosted in Germany, Belgium and USA. A list of their subprocessors can be found here: (pdf download)
  4. Amazon Web Services EMEA Sarl – used if files are being uploaded or downloaded to a SmartSurvey customer’s account – data hosted in UK and Ireland.
    *Note: If your account was created from the 26th September 2019 onwards, only UK-based AWS servers will be used to host the data.
    A list of AWS EMEA Sarl’s sub-processors can be found here:
  5. Cloudflare, Inc. servers are global and use Cloudflare’s Anycast network for data in transit. For detailed information on its server network, please visit: and Cloudflare’s subprocessors can be found here:

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