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Norfolk County Council reduced print costs and reliance on third party research with online surveys.

Norfolk County Council is the local authority for Norfolk, providing a wide range of services to the public.

To operate effectively the Council continually gather feedback from both internal and external audiences. Internally surveys are administered to support training & development and assist with the implementation of new internal processes. Externally the Council gather data from a range of sources, using the feedback to develop services for the local community. Everything is reviewed from environmental amenities, children’s services and local business to news, social care, travel and transport. Data is gathered from a variety of sample groups via multiple touchpoints. Even the events team gather feedback before, during and after events.

Why SmartSurvey?

Norfolk County Council needed a UK-based provider of advanced survey & responsive form design services, who are fully compliant with the latest UK & EU Data Protection laws.

We needed an online survey solution that could not only support our on-going data collection & measurement requirements but guarantee that all data would be safe guarded

Efficient cross department collaboration

SmartSurvey’s advanced platform allows users of all abilities to create and administer surveys in a range of ways. It is built to be flexible to meet the various needs of the user but rigid enough to be scalable to manage large amounts of respondent’s data. The ability to have a multi user management platform ensures that from a single point the Council can apply consistent practice, training and advice to create effective surveys. The solution provided for the council even reduced print and postage costs and the reliance of using third parties to conduct research.

Sending engaging surveys

The many question types and data collection features provided by SmartSurvey enable the Council to create engaging surveys that only ask relevant questions and therefore capture useful feedback. This improves the quality of the data and ensures the research is completed by a suitable size sample group.

It’s important that our respondents are engaged by the survey immediately and feel that they have made a valued contribution. This often means that they are also more open to taking subsequent surveys

Continued, personalised support

Since we signed up in 2014 SmartSurvey have provided useful training, continued account support and regularly advised on new features to support and enhance our current surveys. SmartSurvey are always releasing new developments which ensures we continue to develop our questionnaires

The SmartSurvey team are committed to assisting a diverse customer base. We aim to deliver consistent, prompt support on the phone, via online support tickets and email from our expert account managers.

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