Multilingual Surveys

Our survey software makes it easy for you to create multilingual surveys with different language options. You can add your own translations, allowing survey takers to choose the language they're most comfortable with from a drop-down menu, all within a single survey.
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Challenges of running multilingual surveys in separate surveys

Running surveys in multiple languages is a fantastic way of extending the reach and effectiveness of your online survey programmes.

But spreading your responses out across several surveys, one for each language, can be time-consuming and difficult:

  • You need to distribute different links for each survey, leading to a chance that respondents may never see the right link for their language.
  • After the survey’s been done, reporting is made more challenging in a number of ways – results are spread across several surveys, meaning that to get a unified set of results, you need to export and combine the responses into a single spreadsheet.
  • Often, you’ll also need to translate response text for multiple-choice questions back into any language you want to report in.

Advantages of multilingual surveys with single survey

Running a Multilingual Survey takes away these difficulties by allowing a single survey to contain multiple languages at once.

  • Respondents can follow a single link to the survey and choose the language that’s right for them.
  • You can give respondents the option to change their language selection at any point of the survey.
  • Your responses are all stored together for combined reporting and can be filtered by the selected language.

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