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Managed Services

Our experts are ready and waiting to create your surveys. Let us help you generate, collect and analyse data to make informed decisions.

  • Let our team of experts manage your survey requirements
  • Get the most out of your data in order to meet your objectives
  • Develop deeper insight with advanced data analysis

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How can our Managed Services help you?

A lot of our customers are just too busy to build their own surveys, but luckily our team of experts are more than happy to help. From as little as £10 a question, we will create, programme and brand your entire survey as quickly as possible. We will ensure you get the survey results you need, in a format that meets your objectives.

Benefits of the Managed Services:

  • Save valuable time
  • Receive expert advice on survey layout, logic and design
  • Achieve peace of mind from our team of experts
  • Obtain confidentially and security
  • Secure distribution with tracking and reminders

How it works

  1. Create (or upgrade to) a Professional, Business or Enterprise account
  2. Send us your questions for a personalised quote
  3. Our team of experts will design, create and program your survey
  4. We'll help you launch your survey through your desired distribution channels
  5. Our advanced reporting capabilities make monitoring and analysis easy
  6. For more detailed data evaluation use our Analysis and Reporting services

Analysis and Reporting

Survey data analysis can increase your understanding of the decisions people around you make. By delving deeper into the data you collect via questionnaires, you can gain better insight in order to make informed decisions. Our experienced Chartered Psychologists can provide expertise to help you get the most out of your data. You’ve invested in distributing the survey so why not get the most out of it? Read this case study to see how deeper analysis of data can benefit organisations and improve decision making.


Why choose SmartSurvey?

We've successfully helped over 130,000 customers worldwide with their survey requirements. Whether you are a small business or a global brand SmartSurvey’s advanced features can help you make informed decisions. Get in touch if you need assistance designing, distributing and collecting responses for any type of survey.

If you need help targeting a specific audience our Live Audience service, which gives you access to the opinions and insights of over 7 million qualified respondents all over the world, will be able to help you. Choose from dozens of targeting criteria to build your customised consumer panel.

What our customers say?

"We use the smartsurvey tool in all parts of the business, ranging from gathering attendance details for events, asking for evaluation on courses, as well as requesting feedback on new company initiatives. We would be lost without it."

Clare Bowers, Communications & Engagement Manager - HMV

"Dogs Trust has found Smart Survey invaluable for finding out the opinions of or supporters in an easy format. The survey was simple to set up but it looked very professional to our supporters. We can only thank SmartSurvey for all their help."

Charlotte Blunden, DogsTrust

"SmartSurvey is great. Our team use it on a regular basis to poll employees and to get rsvps to events we hold. It is extremely easy to use and a great tool for simplifying my job."

Julie, Oracle

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