25 Informative Distance Learning Questions

Last updated on
September 5, 2023
A young female student sits at her desk at home, engaging in a remote learning session.

Distance learning has become a growing part of modern education, for some students drastically transforming how we impart knowledge and skills. Whatever your role - educator, administrator, or stakeholder - having the ability to gauge the effectiveness of this unique educational approach is vital. The example questions on this page can be used to build a comprehensive education survey that covers student engagement, quality of materials, technical challenges, support services, and academic performance.

Investigating the experience of remote learning is no trivial task, but it's indispensable for optimising this educational format for both educators and learners. The questions suggested below serve as a springboard for more detailed inquiry. With a comprehensive survey, you can pinpoint strengths, unearth weaknesses, and ultimately create a more enriching and effective educational experience for all involved parties.

Example remote learning questions

Student engagement and participation

1. How often do you actively participate in online class discussions?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how engaged do you feel during virtual lessons?

3. Which platforms or tools do you find most helpful for staying engaged?

4. Do you complete assignments on or before deadlines?

5. How many hours a week do you devote to course-related activities?

Quality of instructional materials and resources

6. Are the course materials presented in a way that aids your understanding?

7. How relevant do you find the teaching materials to the course objectives?

8. Are supplementary materials, like articles and videos, helpful for grasping concepts?

9. Do you feel the course workload is appropriate for the credit hours?

10. Is the course syllabus clear and easily accessible?

Technical challenges and solutions

11. Have you encountered any technical issues, like poor internet connectivity, during online classes?

12. How quickly are technical issues resolved by the support team?

13. Does the learning platform have intuitive and easy-to-navigate features?

14. Have you faced difficulties accessing or submitting assignments?

15. Do you think the platform's security features are adequate?

Support services and communication

16. Are online library resources adequate for your academic needs?

17. How would you rate the efficiency of the academic advising service?

18. Is it easy to get timely responses from instructors or support staff?

19. Do you feel well-informed about important academic dates and announcements?

20. Are online tutoring services helpful and easily accessible?

Student satisfaction and academic performance

21. How satisfied are you with the overall distance learning experience?

22. Do you think distance learning has impacted your grades positively or negatively?

23. Would you recommend this distance learning programme to others?

24. Do you feel you receive constructive feedback on your assignments and exams?

25. Which assessment methods (multiple-choice, essays, projects, etc.) do you prefer in a distance learning setting?

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