25 Insightful Donor Survey Questions

Last updated on
September 5, 2023
A group of breast cancer charity supporters sit smiling at the camera.

In the sphere of philanthropy, knowing your supporters isn't just courteous—it's instrumental. Well-crafted non-profit surveys can provide a treasure trove of insights that helps your charity understand its supporters better, fine-tune its outreach methods, and heighten the impact of its campaigns. The key is in asking the right questions. So, how do you pinpoint what exactly those 'right questions' are? Well, you’re in luck. Below, you'll find a rundown of 25 pertinent questions that touch on six distinct focus areas.

An impactful donor survey is a dialogue that enriches the relationship between the charity and its supporters. The questions outlined here serve as a compass, guiding your organisation towards more effective and empathetic donor interactions. By diving into these points, you are investing in the long-term health and viability of your charitable endeavours. So go ahead, engage your donors; you might just be astonished at what you discover.

Example donor feedback questions

Donor demographics

1. What is your age range?

2. How do you identify in terms of gender?

3. What is your current occupation?

4. In which region or city do you reside?

Giving history

5. How many times have you donated to our organisation in the past year?

6. What was the average size of your donations?

7. Have you ever volunteered with us?

8. Have you donated to other charities? If so, which ones?

Motivation for giving

9. What inspired you to make your first donation to our organisation?

10. Was your donation triggered by a specific event or campaign?

11. Do you have a personal connection to the cause we support?

12. Is the tax benefit a significant factor in your decision to donate?

Communication preferences

13. How do you prefer to receive updates from us? (Email, Post, Social Media)

14. How often would you like to hear from us?

15. What type of content interests you most? (Project updates, donor stories, financial reports)

16. Would you be open to receiving phone calls from us?

Level of engagement

17. Do you follow us on any social media platforms? If so, which ones?

18. Have you ever attended any of our fundraising events?

19. Do you read our newsletters?

20. Would you be interested in participating in future charity activities?

Satisfaction and feedback

21. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall experience with our organisation?

22. What aspects of our work do you think we excel at?

23. Are there areas where you think we could improve?

24. Would you recommend our charity to a friend or family member?

25. Do you have any other comments or suggestions for us?

Use our donor feedback template

To get your survey up and running quickly consider using our donor survey template. It comes pre-populated with 14 sample questions and can be used as provided or customised to your charity's needs.

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