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Launched on
December 13, 2021

Sub-Users can now share surveys directly with other users

We've released an update on our latest Business Team, Enterprise Team and Enterprise Plus plans, that allows Sub-Users to share their surveys directly with other users on the account without needing the master user to configure their permissions, making it easier for teams to collaborate and work on surveys. 

For more information on our latest plans see our latest pricing or contact your account manager. 

Master User to enable the option 

Allowing Sub-Users to share surveys is an option that the Master User needs to enable from the user management page. Find out more in our help guide

Image showing the new responses table


With this option enabled, Sub-Users can choose to edit survey permissions via the options menu within the design tab within their survey. 

Image showing the new responses table

Setting permission levels 

Survey owners can configure the permissions for each user, that those who are given access to the survey can only access the parts and functions they need. 

Permissions include access to:

  • Survey Design
  • Survey Settings
  • Collection 
  • Results
  • Clearing Responses
  • Copy Survey 

Once set, any users with permission to access the survey will see it appear within their My Surveys page. 



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