Mercedes-Benz Ireland

Mercedes-Benz increased response rates and simplified administration with SmartSurvey custom development.

What were the challenges you were experiencing before you started using SmartSurvey?

We previously experienced low response rates with our previous survey provider using mainly telephone contact. Using this means of contact also led to a lot of queries from our Dealerships, regarding whether an interviewer had incorrectly recorded a customers’ response to a question. Despite our offices providing valid email addresses for the majority of customers, we were advised there were very poor response rates for our customers using this means of contact, which we found quite hard to understand.

Why did you choose SmartSurvey over other competing online survey products?

Following our decision to change provider, we had very specific requirements with regards to the Mercedes-Benz Ireland survey distribution. Unlike most companies who use the site to send out their own surveys directly to their customers and collate the responses, we needed a system which allowed a number of individual dealerships ‘user rights’, while at the same time allowed our offices full administrative rights of the site. We wanted to handle the distribution of all surveys to our dealers’ customers on their behalf and we also needed to view the results constantly for rebate purposes. Having advised SmartSurvey of our specific needs, they confirmed they would be in a position to provide what we required.

What was the result that came from using SmartSurvey and what difference or impact has it made or will it make?

Our response rates have increased greatly on what we were achieving using the telephone survey method. Our customers (as we thought!) appear to prefer this means of non-intrusive communication. They can now complete the survey at their leisure, in the comfort of their own homes/at work/while travelling. Also, the problems we previously encountered with regard to queries on whether a customers’ answers were recorded correctly by the interviewer have ceased.

Would you recommend SmartSurvey to your peers and colleagues?

We would most definitely recommend SmartSurvey! Mo and his team have been invaluable to our offices and have turned our low email response rates around. We find Mo and his team to be extremely professional, yet friendly and always approachable. Keep up the great work guys!

Mercedes-Benz Ireland
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