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An essential tool for growing your business

Knowing exactly what your customers want and need is critical to your business success. A market research questionnaire is a great tool to enable you to achieve this.

Whether you are looking to improve understanding of your customers’ buying habits, awareness levels and views about your products, or increase your customer base by identifying new target sectors, asking market research questions is a brilliant way to collect this information.

How market research questionnaires boost sales and drive growth

Our questionnaire templates contain a number of pertinent questions designed to give you the information you require including anything from why a respondent visited your site, to whether or not they found what they needed.

With this information you can understand what you need to change on your site to improve conversion rates and in turn drive more sales. Balance user experience questions with those designed to obtain customer demographics with our extensive library of certified standard questions. Alternately, you can create your own custom questions to get the data you need to better understand your customers

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Using a market research questionnaire to build brand loyalty

Building customer loyalty strong enough to withstand higher prices is a key aspiration for many companies. It’s also one of the reasons why top brands remain in-front, with much of their success built on their high standards of customer service, responsiveness and marketing that provides exactly what their customers demand.

But to achieve this they had to find out what their customers felt about their brand and check their own positioning in the marketplace. For a business entering a new market it may be the job of a market researcher to uncover this and identify what are the key drivers of brand awareness and loyalty, and a market research questionnaire is the ideal vehicle to achieve this.

For existing customer bases it may be the customer service team or customer excellence department that own this research task – our templates for customer satisfaction surveys provide the perfect set of questions to get answers fast!

Use our market research questions to test:

  • Customer feelings over time
  • Brand awareness levels
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • How likely your customers would be to recommend you to others

Launch a winning marketing campaign first time

Whether you are considering a road-side advertising billboard or a series of online banner ads, you can use a market research questionnaire to test out a range of ideas before committing to one.

From measuring the response of your wording to different questions to analysing the reactions of different segments of your target audience, online questionnaires offer an ideal testing ground to identify what works and what doesn’t. This can help maximise the effectiveness of your chosen campaign.

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Find new customers and strengthen existing relationships

Market research questionnaires are ideal to identify potential new leads or uncover more information about your current customers.

You can do this by surveying them on a range of subjects that will enable specific targeting, from the basic age, gender, marital status, and number of children, to which shops they prefer, how much they earn and what leisure activities they enjoy.

Doing so can help identify new customers and organise the data on your existing customer base.

Develop new products and services or improve your existing portfolio

Uncovering customer views through market research questionnaires can help to highlight:

  • What you need to improve in your product or service and how to achieve this
  • Any gaps in the market where you could introduce new products or services
  • Any issues with your pricing structure – are you charging too much or too little
  • How your products or services compare to those of your competitors
  • Whether customers like your packaging or branding
  • Whether your messaging or value proposition resonate with your target market
  • Reasons why your customers would recommend your product

Changes based on this feedback can be hugely beneficial to the product and service development process, helping you to refine your offering and deliver a better product/market fit more closely aligned with the wants and needs of your customers.

Testing a new brand? Launching a new product?

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Understand your target market and maximise your marketing investment

Many marketers want to understand what the opportunity is for their product. Market research questionnaires enable marketers to quickly understand this by validating their assumptions through quantitative and qualitative data and get clarity over questions such as:

  • What is the addressable market size?
  • What are the best locations for stores?
  • How should I segment and target my customer base?
  • How much are people willing to pay for a product or service?
  • Do our product messages resonate with customers?
  • Do customers like our brand and values?
  • What is the best performing advert?
  • What packaging design do customers prefer?
  • What product colours do customers want to buy?

Market Research Questionnaires enable easy collection of a myriad of data about your potential customers to enable you to make smarter decisions and maximise your marketing budget.

Leverage social media to improve reach

Social media platforms are being used for business more than ever before. From posting a blog about your questionnaire on Facebook, hashtagging about it on Twitter, or adding questionnaire URLs to a LinkedIn profile, these are all brilliant ways of connecting with a wider audience to capture more data.

If you want to capture even more responses, you could promote your market research questionnaire through paid social advertising, enabling you to target a specific audience. Best in class data collection platforms will even enable you to create custom tracking links, allowing you to understand which social channels or ad campaigns are performing best from a market research perspective.

Rapidly reduce your market research costs

Traditional market research methods such as focus groups and telephone interviews have always had a high price tag and have only been accessible to large companies with equally large budgets. However online survey software has made market research accessible and affordable to businesses of any size.

By increasing accessibility for your respondents and reducing the amount of resources needed to administer a questionnaire in comparison with traditional methods you can drastically reduce your market research costs.

Whether you are an independent freelancer, a large agency, business owner or start-up founder looking to validate your first idea, a market research questionnaire will enable you to get the insight you need to make informed, data driven decisions.

Tips for creating your own market research questionnaire

Before creating your online questionnaire there are several areas to consider:

Know your target audience

The person designing your questions should know your target market inside out, so that they can accurately define your demographic and geographic parameters. Focusing on your best existing customers can provide a great starting point. It can also be equally valuable to focus on previous customers who no longer buy from you, or began filling out an order, but never completed it.

Consider using professional survey templates

Marketing survey questions written by experts in the field who know how to word questions to obtain the most useful responses can help you generate the best results. Templates can also be branded with your own logos, colours and graphics for a professional look that matches your values and tone of voice.

Make sure data collection is GDPR compliant

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, it is essential that you comply with the current laws governing the safe collection, use and storage of personal data. For example, if your data is stored outside of the UK, can you be sure that it is adequately protected?

Keep it short and straight to the point

People are more likely to complete easy to read surveys that contain fewer questions. Short, easily worded questions that are generously spaced are similarly beneficial. It’s also essential to keep your questions focussed on your main points of interest. Our survey templates demonstrate the effective use of these principles.

Be transparent

Make your customers feel important. Explain what you intend to do with the results, while updating them about any findings you have so far identified. Follow this up with informational packs saying what you have achieved, while asking if they would be happy to provide any further details if required.

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Get the assurances you need

Working with a compliant vendor such as SmartSurvey can provide the assurances you need when undertaking market research.

When conducting any sort of market research, it is important to make sure you are collecting and storing data legally, particularly if that data contains personally identifiable information. As an ISO27001 accredited company we have some of the most robust industry measures in place to secure our users’ data.

All the data collected on behalf of our users is kept in the UK in a secure data centre and all data is encrypted both in transmission and at rest. We also make it simple for you to comply with any requests from data subjects.

Work smart, not hard

It doesn’t have to be expensive to get the answers you need, if you employ all the innovative and cost-effective tools available to you.If you are unsure how to identify the right target demographic, we can supply access to millions of contacts, happy to provide answers through our Consumer Panel service. Create your market research questionnaire and then leverage our consumer panel to access opinions of real people in just a few clicks.

Reach over 7 million people in 80+ countries, recruited through 500 different panel owners like publishers, media outlets, market research agencies and non-profits. You can manage the entire research process from start to finish from one place. Define your target audience, send your survey, analyse your results and get the insight you need to make the right decision.

Market research ideas

What sort of market research can you run through our Consumer Panels solution?

  • Test creative assets such as ad campaigns or packaging
  • Validate New Product ideas
  • See what strap line or value proposition resonate with your target customers
  • Understand more about your market – local or global we can reach them all
  • Get insights on consumer attitudes, pricing, behaviour and value
  • Understand brand perception – is your brand trusted and recognised?
  • How do send a market research questionnaire to a consumer panel?

3 steps to success

Sending your questionnaire and getting results from a Consumer Panel is a simple 3-step process.

Create your questionnaire

Sign up to one of our paid accounts and create your questionnaire in a couple of minutes through our powerful and intuitive design tool – it couldn’t be easier.

Select your target audience

Whether you’re looking to reach business owners or a balanced sample of consumers, you can create the perfect segment in just a few clicks.

Launch and analyse your questionnaire

You will start to receive responses as soon as you have launched your questionnaire. You can view and analyse your results in real time in your account.

Questionnaire templates

Save time and get the insight you need right now with our Market Research templates.

If your business needs information now, don’t waste any more time. With our templates you can create your first questionnaire in just a couple of minutes and the all-important information you need will start coming back to you in no time at all.

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