35 Effective Customer Service Survey Questions

Last updated on
August 29, 2023
An example of a customer service department, with representatives handling customers' questions.

When evaluating customer service, it is paramount to delve into the various facets that collectively shape a client's experience. Scrutinising these areas offers a broad understanding of how customers perceive your service, often at the most critical point of there interaction with your business, products or service.

By monitoring and gauging these facets, companies not only discern areas for service improvement but can also bolster (and celebrate) their strengths. The underpinning factors the following question samples investigate encompass: 1) the resolution of problems or queries; 2) responsiveness toward the customer; 3) perceived competence of the Customer Service Representative (or indeed of the company); 4) perceived reliability of the response; 5) communication skills and manner of the CSR (such as their friendliness); 6) timeliness (the speed and efficiency with which the query or issue was first acknowledged and then addressed); and last but not least, 7) value of the interaction to the customer.

Running customer service surveys to understand the nuances within these can significantly elevate the standard of service offered in future. and by consistently evaluating responses to these questions, businesses can curate a service experience that is not only efficient but also resonates positively with their clientele.

Example customer service questions

Resolution of problem or query

1. Was your query or problem addressed to your satisfaction?

2. How many interactions did it take before your issue was resolved?

3. Were the solutions provided tailored to your specific needs?

4. Were the explanations given easy to comprehend?

5. Did you feel that our team was committed to solving your concern?


6. Were your calls or messages answered promptly?

7. How would you rate the ease of reaching our customer service team?

8. Was the communication channel you used (e.g., email, phone, live chat) effective for your needs?

9. Did you receive timely updates regarding your query?

10. Were there any unnecessary delays during your interactions?


11. Did our team demonstrate adequate knowledge about the productor service?

12. Were your questions answered confidently and accurately?

13. Did you feel the representative understood your concern thoroughly?

14. Was the information provided to you consistent across different representatives?

15. Were any recommendations made by our team helpful and relevant?


16. Could you trust the information provided by our customer service team?

17. Were there any discrepancies in the details you received?

18. Did our service meet your expectations consistently?

19. Were our representatives dependable in terms of follow-ups?

20. Did our team deliver on the promises they made during your interaction?


21. How would you describe the demeanour of our representatives?

22. Did you feel that the customer service team was approachable?

23. Were our representatives respectful and patient during your interactions?

24. Did any team member go above and beyond to make your experience pleasant?

25. On a personal level, were your interactions with our team positive?


26. Were response times, from initial contact to resolution, satisfactory?

27. Did you feel that your concerns were prioritised effectively?

28. Was the waiting time, if any, reasonable for your query or problem?

29. Were any resolutions or fixes implemented in a timely manner?

30. Were there any instances where you felt delays could have been avoided?


31. Do you believe the quality of service received was worth the time and effort invested?

32. Was the resolution provided commensurate with the gravity of your issue?

33. Are there any additional services or features you'd have liked to see?

34. How would you rate the overall value of our customer service against others you’ve experienced?

35. Would you say our services offer good value for money?

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To get started capturing customer feedback consider using our pre-built customer service survey template. Pre-populated with 10 common customer service questions, it can be used as is or adapted to reflect your specific service team set-up.

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