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Philip Cleave

11 Aug 2022

How Smiley Face Surveys Boost Response Rates

When you consider that an estimated 40% of online surveys are already completed on mobile, and emojis and smileys are ... Read more

Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

8 Aug 2022

How To Measure Patient Engagement 

From public to private healthcare organisations. When it comes to the nation’s health, healthcare organisations are working extremely hard to ... Read more


Philip Cleave

2 Aug 2022

Customer Satisfaction Metrics

With statistics demonstrating that for every customer complaint you receive, there are another 26 who are unhappy but choose to ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

27 Jul 2022

The Future Of Remote Working

Given the chaos caused by the Covid 19 pandemic over the last two and half years and ongoing uncertainty about ... Read more


Philip Cleave

25 Jul 2022

How To Manage The Great Resignation

With almost a fifth of the UK workforce admitting they intend to leave their current job for a new one ... Read more


Philip Cleave

11 Jul 2022

Why Employee Experience Matters

When it comes to experiences and how they help shape future behaviour, there are similarities between consumers and employees. While ... Read more


Philip Cleave

28 Jun 2022

Discretionary Effort In The Workplace

Whether a customer or colleague, or maybe a friend or family member. I’m sure you can all recall times when ... Read more


Philip Cleave

20 Jun 2022

How Do We Measure Customer Experience? 

Given the state of today’s marketplace where customers and not sellers have all the power, keeping your customers loyal and ... Read more

Customer Experience, Design

Philip Cleave

10 Jun 2022

Survey Best Practices

From the initial design of your survey and question choice, to your survey distribution and reporting of results. While it’s ... Read more

Accessibility, Design, Distribution, Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

30 May 2022

Transactional NPS VS Relationship NPS

When it comes to business success, one of the most important aspects is your relationship with your customers. If that ... Read more


Philip Cleave

17 May 2022

How To Develop A Customer Experience Strategy

Having got to grips with what a CX strategy is in the first part of our CX exploration, including how ... Read more

Customer Experience, Know-how

Philip Cleave

5 May 2022

What Is A Customer Experience Strategy?

From product differentiation and pricing strategies to cross selling, improving customer service and more. There are many strategies businesses can ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

29 Apr 2022

Why Measure Customer Satisfaction? 

To answer this question, you need to get back to basics and think about what’s most important to your business. ... Read more

Customer Experience

Philip Cleave

12 Apr 2022

What Is A Consumer Panel?

Whether you’re trying to launch a new product or reposition your brand, or better assess consumer opinion and buying behaviour. ... Read more

Market Research

Philip Cleave

30 Mar 2022

Surveys In Marketing

For your business to be successful, there’s no substitute for getting to know your audience and their wants and desires. ... Read more

Know-how, Market Research, Use Cases

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