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Philip Cleave

7 Jun 2021

The Benefits of Anonymous Surveys

Having taken the time to create the perfect engaging survey, got your distribution methods ready and your team prepared to collect and analyse your responses, it’s now ... Read more


Philip Cleave

28 May 2021

How to Reduce Social Desirability Bias

Many of us can probably relate to the following situation. When we’re in new or unfamiliar social surroundings, we will ... Read more


Philip Cleave

19 May 2021

Discussing Survey and Chart Design Tactics With a Colour Blind Football Commentator

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2021 our accessibility consultant, Katherine Moonan, invited colour blind football commentator, Cameron Hobbs to ... Read more

Accessibility, Design, Know-how

Philip Cleave

11 May 2021

How to Identify Training Needs

When you consider that employees are typically the biggest contributors to a company’s overall profits and worth, it’s not hard ... Read more

Human Resources, Know-how

Philip Cleave

7 May 2021

SmartSurvey Named Front Runner for Forms Automation Software

We’re delighted to be recognised in a new Gartner Digital Markets report, FrontRunners* Forms Automation Software, available through leading software ... Read more

Company News

Philip Cleave

4 May 2021

Pulse Survey Questions that Deliver

Having provided a solid introduction to what is a pulse survey and how it can be used to support employee ... Read more

Human Resources, Questions

Philip Cleave

26 Apr 2021

What is a Pulse Survey?

From your business plan, capital and inventory to your products, services and employees. When it comes to your business there ... Read more

Human Resources

Rich Tysoe

21 Apr 2021

Feature Update – Managing Your Response Data

Up to now, when you’ve needed to remove data from a survey that you want to keep, you’ve had two ... Read more


Philip Cleave

19 Apr 2021

Onboarding Questions for New Hires

When you consider that as many as one in every five new hires are unlikely to recommend their employer, it ... Read more

Human Resources, Know-how, Questions

Philip Cleave

15 Apr 2021

Event Evaluation Methods

When you consider the time and effort that goes into organising an event, you’ll want to know that yours has ... Read more


Philip Cleave

22 Mar 2021

The Importance of Sample Size

Whatever market research you’re conducting or survey you’re running in support of it to better understand your consumers, customers or ... Read more

Distribution, Market Research

Philip Cleave

15 Mar 2021

SmartSurvey Supports Teams in Working More Efficiently with Launch of SSO

For employers, managing and securing their employees’ work activities is becoming increasingly complicated, with the latest studies indicating that the average employee now switches between 35 job-critical applications more than 1,100 times ... Read more

Company News, Features

Rich Tysoe

17 Feb 2021

HTTPS Activation For All Surveys

Some time ago, we changed SmartSurvey so that by default all newly-created surveys would have HTTPS (TLS 1.2+) security activated ... Read more

Company News, Features

Philip Cleave

2 Feb 2021

Job Jumping

Who changes their careers the most? And which are the most common industries to jump to and from? There are ... Read more

Human Resources

Philip Cleave

1 Feb 2021

Survey Planning And Why It’s Important

From customer satisfaction and customer engagement to consumer awareness and employee happiness. There can be many reasons for carrying out ... Read more


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