The Survey Thank You Message

Philip Cleave
November 22, 2022
Highlighting the importance of the Survey Thank You message

Having meticulously planned your survey, taken time to choose the right question types and carefully crafted the wording of your questionnaire, you’ll be eager to send it out.

However, before you issue your survey it’s worth double checking the “thank you for participating in our survey” messaging – whether communicated via email or a survey thank you page (as discussed here) – because how well you’ve written and set it up can have a major impact on what actions your participants take next.

Why include a survey thank you message?

The survey thank you message is typically displayed on the last page of your survey, which pops up after a respondent has completed your survey and pressed the submit button.

Not only does it allow you to politely thank participants for taking the time to fill out your survey, but it also provides an opportunity to pass on further critical information to them or encourage them to take further next step actions with you.

Whatever you’ve chosen to communicate in the thank you message, it offers the potential to foster stronger relationships with those respondents and further benefit your business, products, services or brand.

The benefits of survey thank you pages

Depending on your type of business and your objectives, there’s a whole raft of ways in which you could shape your survey thank you page and what you’re able to get out of it.

Here’s some ideas you might want to think about using:

Getting more respondents to your website

Depending on your business set up and how you generate the majority of your income, you may want to create a redirect link that will automatically send participating users to a specific page on your website. With the survey completion redirect feature enabled, a specific web page will be displayed for the respondents to engage with, which could be your e-shop.

At this point, there’s a whole range of things you could do to thank participants for completing your survey and encourage them to take further actions with your business, whether that’s through providing them with a voucher or a free gift.

Boosting sales and customer loyalty

Alternatively, rather than directing them off to another page, you could simply include a coupon alongside your survey thank you message for respondents to use instore or on your website after completing the questionnaire.

You might also consider writing an e-book, containing valuable tips, advice and instructions to help participants with something related to your products after finishing your survey.

To get to this content it could be hosted on a dedicated private page of your website, through an accessible link on your survey’s thank you page. That way, after engaging with it, survey participants may decide to engage in further activities on your website. For example, if you were a manufacturer of pet grooming products, you might to provide advice in your e-book on how to keep your cat or dog’s fur in tip top condition.

Certainly, these types of activities help motivate respondents to make further purchases with you and should help boost their customer loyalty towards your business too.

Reaffirming the purpose of your survey and wider goals

If you really want to communicate just how much your respondents’ feedback will help you to help them moving forward, you might want to highlight this along with the thank you message.

For example, if the purpose of your survey is to help improve your customer service, you might want to tell respondents’ how much you value their opinion and how this will help you to further improve your service to them.

Further enhancing respondents’ perception of your business

Most people taking your survey will want to know that their time taken to complete it will have been worth it and their opinions will be heard and acted on.

Consequently, you can gain a lot of favour with your respondents if you can provide them with a link to your survey results from your survey confirmation page, which also includes a breakdown of their own responses. Once everyone’s completed your survey, you can further enhance their perception of your organisation by providing a report of what actions you will take as a result of their feedback.

Getting more participants to complete any additional surveys that you run

If people can see that their feedback is valued and it has been acted on, they will also be more likely to take any additional surveys you might run in the future.

So, when it comes to your thank you message, if you have multiple surveys that you would like respondents to complete, you might want to place links to these on the page and invite participants to complete them next.

You could also use this space to encourage, initiate and lead dialogues with chosen respondents, or alternatively redirect them straight to another page with another survey.

Getting more people to attend your events

If your survey was used to collect feedback from a conference, seminar or any other event you may have run, you could use your thank you page to include an invitation to a follow up event or provide details about any other relevant events from your portfolio.

You could also include a brief description about these events and when they’re taking place, together with links that redirect your respondents directly to a registration form to book their spot.

Sum up important information from your survey

If your survey was used to help plan an activity, the space on your thank you page could be ideal for summing up important information about that activity. This could include anything from the deadline for signing up to certain activities to their cost and many other things in-between.

You could even upload images or a map and directions about how to get there.

Boost your future survey response rates

If you’re to get quality data that you can take useful actions with, you’ll want to get as many responses as you can. Subsequently, anything you can do through your thank you page to help improve your survey response rates will be hugely valuable.

The use of social media icons alongside the survey thank you message is a good example of this. By simply clicking on one of the icons, respondents can share the survey with their friends and family on their chosen social media platform and help generate more responses for your survey.

Getting more value from respondent engagement

As we’ve seen from the ideas outlined above, while the answers you receive to your survey questions are still hugely important, you can get a lot of extra value from your survey’s thank you page.

Ultimately, it’s about getting as much value from participants’ engagement as you can. And as long as you’ve set it up correctly and are making the most of the opportunity to thank them for completing the survey you’ll get that.

Getting the most out of your survey activities

While the right question types, well worded questions and a strong “thank you for participating” message can all help engage respondents and get them to complete your survey, you’ll still want the right survey tools if you’re to achieve the best results.


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