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Survey Design & Branding

Incorporating your brand's look and feel into your surveys couldn't be simpler; customise everything from the logo and background image to the fonts and question colours. You can create a completely unique theme or customise a ready-made one.

  • A Completely Branded Experience

    Add a professional finishing touch by customising your survey's web address (smartsurvey.co.uk/yoursurvey) or use your own sub domain (surveys.yourdomain.com) to give your respondents a completely branded experience.

  • Survey Design In Your Hands

    Our survey design tool is completely open and unrestricted, so there are no limits on your creativity. If you have HTML/CSS knowledge you can design a completely unique theme.

  • Total Messaging Control

    Match your brand's tone of voice by editing the text used in your surveys. Customise everything from the buttons and validation messages to the survey introductions and thank you messages.


Design & Branding

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Ready-made Survey Templates

Ready-made Survey templates for multiple industries

Apply a Ready-made Theme

Choose from 40+ professionally designed survey themes

Theme Designing Tool

Use your HTML/CSS knowledge to design a unique theme

Mobile-ready Surveys

Responsive design for mobile devices

Copy a Survey Theme

Copy your previously made survey themes

Customise theme colours

Upload Logo

Add a logo to your surveys

Custom Logo Link

Attach a custom URL to your survey logo

Hide "Powered by SmartSurvey" Footer

Customise Language

Language Selector Bar

Custom CSS and Scripts

Add your own custom CSS or Javascript to your surveys or themes.

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Question Size and Positioning

Customise the question size and positioning of a question within a survey

Multilingual support

Create surveys in any language

One Survey, Multiple Translations

Create one survey to be in many different translations

Edit Survey Width

Change the display size of your survey

Survey Title

Show or hide your survey titles

Survey Introduction

Add an introduction to your survey

Show/Hide Page Numbers

Display or hide survey page numbers

Button Text

Customise the survey button text

Hide Survey Back Button

Progress Bar

Add a progress bar to your surveys

Save and Continue

Allow respondents to save their current responses and come back to where they left off

Print Response Feature

Allow respondents to print off their survey responses

Customised Thank You

Add a customised thank you page

Custom Redirect

Redirect respondents to a web page of your choice on completion of the survey

Survey Closed Text

Display a custom 'Survey Closed' message

Link Branding FREE PRO
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Customise Survey Link

Customise part of your survey links

White Label (domain branding)

Brand your survey links with a sub domain of your choice, i.e. surveys.yourdomain.com

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