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Save custom response table layouts

Launched on
December 6, 2021

Response table update

We've recently launched some updates to the response table view. These features are available on our latest Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans.

Customise your response table

To make the response table work for you and your survey needs, you can now change the order of your table columns, remove them and also add new ones. These can include contact list data, custom variables and additional survey data such as country, language, IP address and time taken to complete.

Image showing the new responses table

Save your table layout

Once you've customised your response table you can save the layout so you can use it in future. 

This helps manage response data depending on the type of survey. For example, you could use the response table to follow up with negative reviews, contact survey respondents for more information or manage your form submissions. 

Image showing the new responses table

Coming Soon

We'll continue to add customisation options for the response table, in particular the option to add question and answer data to support with follow up and segmentation. 


As always, please let us know if you have any feedback, whether something isn't working as expected or you have suggestions for further improvements.


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