Anti-SPAM Policy


What is SPAM?

SPAM is any email sent which is unsolicited, i.e. the email is not requested by the recipients.

In addition, SPAM may also have the following characteristics:

  • Anonymous - The address and identity of the sender are concealed or are fraudulent;
  • Sent in Mass - The email is sent to large groups of people;
  • Malicious - it is sent with malicious intent; and/or,
  • No Opt-Out - no option is given to stop receiving future emails.

SmartSurvey may only be used with email lists where you have the consent of the recipient(s). You are prohibited from sending any recipient emails which they have not signed up to. You must not send email under any other organisation other than your own. 


What happens if you SPAM?

SmartSurvey operates a zero-tolerance anti-SPAM policy.

In line with our Terms of Use (, if you send any spam, your account will be immediately disabled and you may not receive any refunds. SmartSurvey may also report you to the relevant authorities where we believe that your actions contravene anti-SPAM laws.


How to Report SPAM?

If you have been sent SPAM or have any information regarding someone using SmartSurvey for SPAM please contact and we will investigate the matter and take the appropriate measures.

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