Conducting An Employee Satisfaction Survey

Philip Cleave
June 15, 2012

For companies that truly want to increase the performance of their employees will take the time and effort to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. The attitude of your employees is the major factor that will actually make or break your company. If employees are unhappy in their environment, their co-workers, the benefits you provide, and even the pay they are receiving is what they believe they should be receiving, all contribute to the way your employees perform their duties or tasks in the company. When employees are happy and comfortable in their work environment, they perform much better.

Companies that want to compete in today’s world know the importance of what motivates their employees, the behaviours of their employees, and the attitudes of their employees. This is why these successful businesses use employee satisfaction surveys.

Benefits of staff satisfaction surveys

If you have never conducted an employee satisfaction survey or it has been longer than six months since one was performed, you will want to consider providing another today.

The main reasons you will want to update the information on the survey includes:

  • Evaluate the present company atmosphere and traditions
  • Gauge the way employees are connecting in the workplace
  • Make sure your company is performing honestly and ethically
  • Verify if any of your past objectives have been successful
  • Learn how employees are communicating with co-workers, teams, and other staff members
  • Learn more about the balance between work and home life issues
  • Learn of any job security issues
  • Learn more about the relationships of employees with co-workers, managers, and other staff

The majority of employees want to feel important in the workforce and know their own opinion of the company environment is important to those in charge as well as their knowledge of their company helps to create a successful work environment. Even just the small act of conducting an employee satisfaction survey can actually raise the commitment of employees to perform better at work and to be more relaxed at home.

The making of a successful employee survey

Before preparing an employee satisfaction survey you must first make the decision on the topics you wish to include in the survey that will provide you with the most information and one that will help you learn of any issues that may be present in your company.

Most importantly, you want the employees to be honest and to provide their opinion without the fear of any backlash from other employees or managers. In order to do this, you must ensure the employee satisfaction questionnaire is always anonymous. This will allow your employees to provide accurate information and their opinion without any worries.

In order to ensure the employees can actually be anonymous, you should use a third party survey company. If an employee has an issue with a manager or even a co-worker with seniority, they will be more apt to provide the information if they know that that this person will not learn of their opinion and fire them.

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