Feature highlights

API, Webhooks, Integrations

SmartSurvey includes powerful integration tools that let you connect your surveys to popular business tools such as Salesforce, Google Tag Manager, code your own integrations via the API and webhooks, or use the online tool Zapier to create intricate integrations with no code needed.

Webhooks – transmit data securely

Automatically securely transfer every response that comes into your survey to an endpoint you define. Webhooks are ideal for setting up one-way integrations with external systems you want to use to store survey data without having to use manual exports.

API – access survey data remotely

The API allows developers to create secure two-way integrations with SmartSurvey to query survey and response data, distribute surveys, update contact information, and more. Using the API means your survey process can be fully integrated with any other software that supports external integrations.

Zapier – create integrations without coding

Zapier is an online tool that works with SmartSurvey and hundreds of other popular web apps and allows anyone to create simple or complex integrations and workflows without the need for any code, it’s all done via a simple interface that lets you build the workflows and Zapier takes care of the code.

Salesforce – native integration

Businesses all over the world use Salesforce as their sales and CRM solution. SmartSurvey offers an off-the-shelf integration to push survey response data directly into Salesforce objects. Quick and easy to set up, the integration allows you to create new records, update existing records, or flexible insert/update a record with the same action based on whether there’s a matching record to update.

Track your survey traffic with Google

Integration with Google Tag Manager lets you include your surveys as part of your Google Analytics reports. Track your respondents’ journey through your site and get the best insight and understanding about how your respondents arrived at your surveys.

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