How much is Qualtrics?

How much is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics offers both free and paid packages on a subscription basis. While Qualtrics pricing is not shown on its website, a single-user account on their research core package costs £3700 per year with a maximum of 5000 responses according to available documentation.

How is Qualtrics pricing calculated?

The documented prices use the number of responses gathered as the primary variable that sets the pricing band. Each band then comes with a number of “Admin Users” included.

How much is a Qualtrics account?

For 5 users, an account with a 12,000 response limit costs £8140, so each user costs £1628 / year. The same number of users, but with a limit of 25,000 users is quoted at £14060 / year (£2,812 per user / year).

How much does Qualtrics cost per response?

Between £0.74 and £0.12, depending on the response limit chosen.

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